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The new visa policy facilitates the development of tourism

According to the Immigration Department, this policy provides an opportunity to improve the competitiveness of Vietnamese tourism.

The Law Amending and Supplementing Certain Articles of the Law on Exit and Entry of Vietnamese Citizens and the Law on Entry, Exit, Transit and Residence of Foreigners in Vietnam came into force on August 15, 2023. Fifteen days after the entry into force of this law and the implementation of Resolution No. 127/NQ-CP, 112,058 electronic visa applications were submitted, which represents an increase of more than 70% compared to well before the entry into force of the law.

The issuance of e-visas to all citizens and territories will facilitate travel to Vietnam, thus promoting the development of tourism and the attraction of foreign investment. At the same time, Vietnamese citizens also enjoy favorable conditions for entering other countries.

Between August 15 and 30, a total of 337,669 foreigners entered Vietnam under the unilateral visa waiver policy, accounting for 70 percent of the total, mainly from the Republic of Korea with 155,000 people from Japan. 30,000 and from the United Kingdom 8,000. The extension of the temporary stay from 15 days to 45 days has also made it easier for foreign visitors to choose various leisure tours, both cross-country and regional.

On August 14, the government issued a Resolution on granting electronic visas to citizens of all countries and territories, allowing them to enter and exit the country using electronic visas through 13 air, 16 land and 13 maritime gates.

The Immigration Department also said that foreigners can apply for an e-visa on their own without the need for agencies, organizations or individuals in Vietnam to invite or guarantee them.

Foreigners who have an electronic visa can enter Vietnam for reasons consistent with Vietnamese law and can change their purpose under certain circumstances, the department said.

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