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Resort Ba Na - Nui Chua

Tourist area Ba Na - Nui Chua is located in Hoa Vang district, Da Nang city, the center of the city about 50 kilometers to the west. Located at an altitude of 1.487m above sea level, year-round cool climate, the average temperature in Da Nang, Vung Thung bay with arc-shaped contour from Vanden Deo Hai Son Tra Peninsula, My Khe beach , Non Nuoc, Ngu Hanh Son, Thu Bon river winding fertile fields, Cham Island between undulating waves ... Nature as rare picture wearing a place to be.



Bana has rich flora and diverse. In the era of thousands of primeval forests are the habitat of 256 species of animals, including 61 species of mammals, 178 birds and 17 reptiles. The flora here has 543 species, including 136 and 379 they spend. Bana is home to many rare animal species like pheasants star residence, Asian black bear, gibbon hung ... 1986, Bana has been recognized by the government as nature reserves, object protection protect the rainforest and many rare plants and animals.

In the early 20th century, to cater to the needs of people resting in central France, many guesthouses, villas, hotels have sprouted up along the mountain side, top and top of Ba Na Nui Chua. Later ravaged by war, it became abandoned and forgotten by time. In recent years, Da Nang has gradually restored and embellished some old French villas, the Buddhist culture, wineries and numerous hotels such as Morin Hotel Ba Na, Ba Na By Night Hotel , villas, bars, tennis courts, badminton, billiards ... here also regularly organize bonfire night, the promotion of specialty mountains and facilitating tourists to visit the picnic. From Vong Nguyet hill, visitors will be modern cable car system brought to the center. The system has 16 cabins can accommodate about 320 passengers / hour.



Every year, tens of thousands Bana welcome tourists at home and abroad. One night stay in Bana is an opportunity for visitors to listen to the breath of life between mountains and wildlife. Bana, an attractive tourist destination when you have the opportunity to Danang.

To reach the top of Ba Na, visitors must pass 15km winding road, winding. Flat topography like a miniature plateau. Visitors to tourist Ba Na not only enjoy the fresh air, green, clean and beautiful, but also admire the beautiful landscape that rarely get the public holiday. On days when the weather is clear, visitors can collapse in sight a vast region of space
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