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Beans - the essence of the Tolima region of Colombia

Speaking of Columbia, coffee devotees often mention the attractive and full of beans each in both taste and appearance. If you want to indulge every once characterized the essence of coffee, come to Columbia, because you can feel the full flavor from sweet, seductive until you chocolate, flowers and fruit to blend and the taste of familiar tropics. Each place, each region will have a taste for coffee lovers tasted.



Thanks to the advantages coming from the mountains here, we can feel the richness that Mother Nature has endowed the country of Columbia, this is also the key element to the flavor where not get in each coffee bean. Columbia Coffee coffee mostly Typica and Bourbon, all simply prepared by the method of wet and one to two harvests a year, depending on each region.

Crop of some areas will take place in the period from September to December, the other small service in March 4 or 5, the remaining households typically takes place from March to June every year and there is an More in the period from October to December 12. Most of the people living Columbia-based coffee cultivation, they work for the group of small farms and about 560,000 households of which is the only production base about 2-41 / 2 acres of land for cultivation (approximately 1-2 hectares). In recent years, the coffee industry in Columbia has many more positive signs when small farmers have the opportunity to grow their coffee consumption with higher costs for each crop. In Columbia, people on a favorite coffee drink, average people here consume about 20% of the total production of coffee produced.

Columbia Coffee is planted neatly in rows, coffee farms here often managed very methodical and logical

 1. Cauca

Coffee growing region is famous Cauca Inza region and Popayan, two regions account for a total of 8% of the coffee is produced with characteristic sweet flavor and taste flowers and trees and fruits.


2. Tolima

Coffee Tolima region enjoy full sunlight, so they have a sweet taste, softness, flavor and the similarities with flowers and trees, coffee accounts for about 12% of Tolima coffee output of Columbia.



3. Nariño

Located at the southernmost tip distant, Narino is known for mild coffee flavor, greasy blend with subtle fruit flavor, however, only accounts for 3% of Narino coffee production in Columbia.


4. Santander


It is one of the region lies in the far south, Santander and Norte de Santander, accounting for about 9% of the coffee in Columbia, most coffee is grown under the shade and below sea level, resulting in odor their taste is very mild and tasty with a sour taste is not too harsh.


5. Huila


12% of Columbia's coffee comes from the mountain regions of Huila, hail district in the country. This region typically coffee-flavored fruit, combine sour taste blend together dark and dense diversity in taste.


Tolima coffee

Tolima runs along the west side of the Andes, north of Cauca and Huila west. Here is where to place the beans have great taste perfect, sun, soil and geographical location is an important factor contributing to the delicious taste of the coffee region , coffee usually harvested by cup, then grind and mix like Rhone wines or some delicious local honey.



But to have the opportunity to enjoy a cup of coffee in her hand charming charming, Tolima land also face many challenges. Typical is the situation complex social evils in Tolima became dangerous places for tourists, looting here also worrying leads to the transport of coffee faced many difficulties because of the risk of being robbed in the process of moving. But even then, coffee has always been evaluated Tolima is one of the most attractive coffee Columbia.

It is not exaggerating when for Tolima is cherished magical land of the essence of nature and bestowed on the beans, if such a chance, take time to enjoy the taste of coffee here offline.

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