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Drops of milk coffee ...

Sometimes life makes you tired, how to confront the pressure from work, family, friends, love ... Please stop, because then you're rushed and hurried. You listen to your deep soul ... When you drink coffee or milk coffee, too, what you need is actually cafe rather than a nice cup.

Slow down .... really slowed down .... Remember, life is a cup of coffee milk, sweet and bitter with harsh ... but such is life ... And new fact you do everything just to enjoy the "value of life", not because of success or failure, that lost nominal yourself, will you do?

In life, sometimes we feel very happy with the successes, felt lucky to achieve this, others reap ... But sometimes, we are tired of the difficulties , tired of struggling, overcoming obstacles in love, friends, family and career ..



Life is like that, there are always shadows and different lighting array, none of us will never know the sad and none of us unknown joy. Feel that happiness is like drops of sweet milk, and hard misfortune drops bitter coffee ... You can not drink the cup of coffee without sugar sales as well as you could not just sit and eat the sweet scoops that unknown bored.

Sweetness and bitterness of coffee milk mix gives us the taste of life. There are people who like to drink more coffee and cafe who prefer less sparingly ... though I also have a bitter taste of coffee. And you enjoy this life like enjoying a glass of milk coffee ... sometimes funny and sometimes also sad ... When you win, remember that bitterness will come back any time, and these when you are sad, let's get to the sweetness in defeat. Colorful life and will bring us from surprise to surprise the other. And whether happy or sad, you just proud that he is enjoying life as a cup of coffee enjoying Dairy-sweet but also bitter lips ...



Life gives each of us different problems to each find a way to solve, try to attempt to overcome themselves can reap 10 points that life offers. Criticism of life in life tests you undergo will be to your baggage to succeed. So, do not ever lose yourself you then, you do it, I do it, everyone can do it. Cup of coffee simply only milk that right?

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