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 Bach Ma national Park is about 40km to the south of Hue city and 65km to the North of Da Nang. With the beauty of semi- tropical rain forest and cool climate, Bach Ma is famous as an ideal resort for tourists to relax and explore the wild beauty of nature. Coming to Bach Ma, visitors can walk, have a panoramic view of mountains, rivers, lagoons and villages, hear the birds singing, immersed in the cool streams and see many kinds of animals and plants.

   * IN THE MORNING:                                            

-  07.30: Our guide will pick you up at the hotel.

- 08.45: At Bach Ma National Park, visit Bach Ma’s showroom

-  09.30: Make a journey to conquer the top of Bach Ma National Park, at an elevation of 1.450 meters above sea level.

- Climb up the mountain, explore Five Lakes (5 lakes Cascades), swim, have a picnic Lunch and relax.


- 13.30: Visit Do Quyen Waterfall – is astounding and huge in the wooded mountain. It is more than 300m high and 20-30m wide.

- 14.30: Back to Bus stop. On the way, tourists can stop and admire the marble statue of Buddha…

- 16.30: Arrive in Hue and drop you off at the hotel. 

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